Our Vision

A Generation of people free of HIV/AIDS

Our Mission

To coordinate the broad spectrum of the State HIV/AIDS response by way of overseeing the policy formulation, coordination of project implementation and providing leadership as well as monitoring the progress of HIV services.

Our Objectives

Providing home and community based care for people living with AIDS, care and support for orphans and vulnerable children, youth livelihood and promotion of abstinence among youths; economic empowerment and improved food security for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Expanding access to HIV prevention, treatment and services through workplace programmes; strengthening the policy and regulatory environment to protect persons living with or  affected by HIV/AIDS

Providing HIV prevention information and testing to most–at-risk groups (sex workers, uniformed personnel, MSM, PWID, Youths etc) general adult populace, owners and employees of micro and small businesses and training owners on how to adjust their businesses plans in light of HIV/AIDS

1. Chief (Mrs.) Florence Ajimobi JP Chairperson OYOSACA
2. Alabi Bukola General Secretary NEPWHAN 07016537152&08059165624 alabioyebukola2007@gmail.com
3. Salako Bolanle M. IPC, ACPN PSN Oyo State 08034715055 boset_ng2000@yahoo.com
4. Akinsola Margret O. Vice President NANNM 08034043965 bunmi60akinsola@yahoo.com
5. Tajudeen M. Abdulganiyu Director Ministry of Justice 08055845913 tajuganiyu@yahoo.com
6. Onifade Seun Coordinator CISHAN 07039401906 onisyes@yahoo.com
7. Prof. Dayo Oyekole Coordinator Oyo State tradition Med. Practitioner 08033303897 kolemetric@yahoo.com
8. Victoria Balogun Coordinator NYNeTHA 08184422844 nynethaoyo@gmail.com
9. Dr. Olubunmi Ayinde DDPH/SAPC SMOH 08087025472 jummsyp@yahoo.com
10. Afonja R. A. Secretary NLC 07036723833 rukayatafonja@gmail.com
11. H. A. Bello DLGA LG & CM 08185482291 aladeeni@gmail.com
12. Oderinde A. A. Desk Officer Min. of Women Affairs 08062846364 akinyele@gmail.com
13. Obi Adesola Adekemi Desk Officer Min. of Education 08166748126 adesolaobi@yahoo.com
14. Dr. M. B. Olatunji I.P. C. N.M.A. 08033521781 tundeolatunji2102@yahoo.com
15. Opeyemi Orimolade Asst. Director B.C.O.S. 08023233353 opeyemiorimolade@gmail.com
16. Kunle Kareem Head (Inf. Unit) NUJ 08033229304 kunlekareem@yahoo.com
17. Dr. Musa Titilayo Asst. Coordinator Interfaith (Muslim) 08030608705 titilayo1423@yahoo.com
18. Dr. Babatunde E. Olusegun Vice Chairman Inter faith (Christian) 08033325661 babatundeezekiel@gmail.com
19. Adegoke Kehinde Chairman AMLSN 08033823573 kennygoke1@gmail.com
20. Bolarinwa K. Kolawole Project Manager SACA 08034273518 bolarinwakolawole@yahoo.com


ABC                Abstinence, Be faithful and Condoms
AIDS              Acquired Immuno-deficiencySyndrome
ANC               Ante-Natal Clinics

APIN              AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria
ARV               Anti Retroviral drugs

ART              Anti Retroviral Treatment

BCC                Behavior Change Communication
CBOs              Community- Based Organizations
CDA                Community Development Association
CHAN             Christian Health Association of Nigeria
CHBC              Community Home-based Care
CHEW             Community Health Extension Workers
CiSHAN          Civil Society on HIV I AIDS in Nigeria
CSOs               Civil Society Organizations

FAHPAC         Family Health and Population Action Committee
FBOs               Faith-Based Organizations

FLHE             Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education

GIPA               Greater Involvement of People Living With HIV I AIDS
HPDP              HIV/AIDS Programme Development Project
HAF                HIV/AIDS Fund

HBC               Home- Based Care

HIV                Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

IEC                 Information, Education and Communication
INGO              International Non-Governmental Organization
LACA             Local Government Action Committee on AIDS
LDDCs           Long Distance Drivers

LGA               Local Government Area

MARPs          Most-At-Risk Population

MDGs            Millennium Development Goals

M&E              Monitoring and Evaluation

MSM              Men who have sex with men

MWRA           Men and women of reproductive age
NACA            National Agency for the Control of AIDS

NARHS          National Adolescent and Reproductive Health Survey

NBCC             National HIV and AIDS Behavior Change Communication Strategy
NDHS             National Demographic and Health Survey

NEEDS           National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy
NEPAD          New Economic Partnership for Africa Development

NEPWHAN    Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Nigeria
NGO              Non-Governmental Organization

NHIS              National Health Insurance Scheme

NNRIMS        Nigeria-National Response Information Management System for HIV/AIDS NYNETHA    Nigeria National Youth Network on HIV and AIDS
NSF              National Strategic Framework (NSF)

NUJ               Nigerian Union of Journalists

NUT              Nigerian Union of Teachers

OIs                Opportunistic Infections

OPS               Organized Private Sector

OVC              Orphans and Vulnerable Children

PABA           People Affected By AIDS

PHDP              Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention
PEP                 Post Exposure Prophylaxis

PEPFAR                U.S. President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
PLP                         People Living Positively With HIV/AIDS

EMTCT           Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission
PSC                 Partnership Steering Committee

SACA             State Agency Committee on AIDS

SBC                Strategic Behavioural Change

SCE                 Self Coordinating Entities

SEEDS            State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy
SFH                 Society for Family Health

SMoA            State Ministry of Agriculture

SMoCC           State Ministry of Commerce and Cooperatives
SMoE              State Ministry of Education

SMoH             State Ministry of Health

SMoI&C         State Ministry of Information and Culture
SMoJ               State Ministry of Justice

SRR                State Response Review

SSG                 Secretary to the State Government
SSP                 State HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan
STIs                 Sexually Transmitted Infections
SW                  Sex Worker

TB-DOTS       Tuberculosis Direct Observation Treatment Scheme
UNAIDS        Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS

UNDP             United Nations Development Programme

UNICEF         United Nations Children Fund

USAID           United States Agency for International Development
VCT                Voluntary Counselling and Testing

WHO              World Health Organisation

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