Oyo State Council Arts and Culture was established in 1977 in accordance with the Oyo State Council for Arts and Culture Edit No 14 of 1977(as amended by Edit No.7 of 1990).

Our Vision

To make Oyo State the most culturally developed State in Nigeria and resultantly make the State number one Tourism Attraction site in Nigeria.

Our Mission

In our desire to promote Arts and Culture in The State, the Council aims at developing the various Arts and Crafts, Artistic Talents and good Traditional practices of our people to project the State in good light and generate increased economic development.

Our Objectives

  • Talent hunt (for Artistic Talents) in the State`s Rural and Urban Communities.
  • Promotion and sustenance of rich cultural heritage of this State through Organization of Festivals of Arts and Culture
  • Collaboration with private organizations for Development of Arts and Culture.
  • Participation in National exhibitions and International Cultural competition of Arts and Culture.
  • Generate revenue for the State (including Multiplier effect on the populace)

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