The office was created in 1999 and has therefore spent 13 years in existence. Our current staff strength is 87 members. The office is in charge of the maintenance of a visionary and viable civil service pivotal of other segments of the society.

Our Vision

To have a dynamic and virile Public Service where officers can compete favorably across the globe.

Our Mission

To promote and ensure continuous renewal and professional development of the Human Resources of the Civil Service by ensuring that the MDAs are optimally structured, adequately staffed with the right skills mix so as to provide policy advice to the political leadership to facilitate good governance and accelerated development.

Our Objectives

The following are the goals and objectives of the Office of the Head of Service,

  • To produce a virile and productive Civil Service that can compete favorably with its peers in the public;
  • To discover unproductive and redundant workers with a view to propel them to be productive based on their areas of specialization;
  • To right-size/ professionalize the State Civil service in line with prevailing economic reality;
  • To facilitate prompt implementation of Government policies;
  • To enhance productivity and efficiency in service delivery;
  • To coordinate Industrial Relations in the Public Service;
  • To ensure that officers who leave the service under pensionable circumstances continue to be rewarded for their past services through the payment of their benefits;
  • To advise the State Government on the appointment and deployment of Permanent Secretaries and other Heads of Non-Ministerial Departments;
  • To promote good working relationship between the Commissioners and other Political Holders on the one hand, and Permanent Secretaries and other Civil Servants;
  • To represent the State Civil Service at the National Council on Establishments Meetings; and
  • To liaise and ensure good rapport with Federal Civil Service and other State Civil Service.
  • Promotion of job satisfaction, efficiency and industrial harmony within the Public Service;
  • Ensuring correct interpretation and enforcement of government policies on the grading of costs and conditions of services for the various categories of staff in the State Civil Service;
  • Improvement of the efficiency of officers in the State Public Service through regular staff development programme in accordance with the needs and qualification;
  • Effecting periodical grading review of post in all sectors of the Public Services within the State in order to ensure equity and consistent treatment in matters of remuneration;
  • Assisting in the development, restructuring, and installation of new administrative procedures as a result of Government result-oriented management philosophy and in line with the contemporary world;

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