Mission, Vision and Objectives of The Sustainable Development Goals Unit

Our Vision

Making Oyo State a better place to live in and ensuring that No One is left Behind.

Our Mission

Committing Local Governments and Communities to reduce poverty, improve health and education; promote peace, human rights and environmental sustainability.

Our Objectives

  • Investing in the SDGs at the LGA Level to ensure ownership and sustainability
  • Empowering State and Local Governments to carry out their constitutional responsibilities.
  • Promoting improvements in public service delivery.
  • Encouraging improvements in public expenditure reform, Project management & Data generation.
  • Strengthening the partnership between the three tiers of government for national planning and development.

At the Millennium Summit in September, 2000, the largest gathering of world leaders in history adopted the Millennium Declaration Act. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were a set of 8 time bound, interwoven, quantifiable, measurable, and interdependent goals that set out to commit specific outcomes by 2015. It is in essence, a global pact between developed and developing nations. The goals had 20 targets and 60 indicators to track the progress of achieving the MDGs.

The United Nations held another Summit in September, 2015 and transited the MDGs to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The SDGs are a set of 17 goals, 169 targets and 230 indicators which seeks to complete the unfinished business of the MDGs and address the three (3) dimensions of Sustainable Development i.e. Economic, Social and Environment.

The Oyo State Government Achieving Universal Basic Education, Eradicating Poverty, Child Mortality and Diseases through Office of the Millennium Development Goals.

Since the advent of the government of His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, he has been pursuing and delivering programmes and projects that will have positive impact on the people of Oyo State. The Government’s unflinching commitment to transforming the socio-economic landscape of the state in a manner that will lead to the reduction of poverty levels, increase employment generation, improve rural water supply, enhance access to health care services, develop educational systems and the provision of infrastructure in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals as agreed by the United Nation members at a summit in September 2000, cannot be over-emphasized.

Consequently, the present administration in Oyo State has embarked on projects and programmes that have made a significant difference in the quality of life of the citizens of the state.

Reviewing the sectoral performance of the administration, it has indicated amazing achievements in both the state and local governments in the following areas to help achieve the MDGs:

Health Sector:

The health sector is one of the most significant achievements of the Oyo State Millennium Development Goals, with the rehabilitation of 106 Primary Healthcare and Maternity Centres, Construction of 8 Health Centres and Supplied Essential Drugs to those Rehabilitated/Newly Construction Health Centres. They also Procured 41 Elapaq Generating sets (7.5VA), Medical Equipment, 78 First Aid Kits for 78 Schools, and provided 4 ambulances.

Education Sector:

In the education sector, the Oyo State MDGs has constructed 33 blocks of 3 classrooms with offices and a store, procurement 92,470 textbooks in core subjects, procurement of 19,892 benches and desks for pupils/students. Others include Procurement of 2,906 chairs and tables for teachers and procurement of 2000 conference chairs for Junior Secondary Students.

 Poverty Eradication:

The Poverty Alleviation programme of Oyo State MDGs is to increase capacity of residents to earn a decent living through improved capacity building, to this end over 100 Village Heath Workers (VHW) have been employed and trained for a period of 2 years.

These programmes are geared towards improving access to health care services for the citizens of Oyo State in the 33 LGAs leading to reduction in maternal and infant mortality.

The use of Village Heath Workers (VHW) has increase the uptake and utilization of health facilities in reducing morbidity and averting mortality in mothers, new born babies and children.

As part of alleviating poverty in the state, the government has implemented Conditional Cash Transfer programme in 5 LGAs.  The participating Local Governments are:

  • Kajola Local Government
  • Itesiwaju Local Government
  • Ibarapa Central Local Government
  • Ibadan South-West Local Government
  • Oorelope Local Government

Where 450 poorest Households benefitted in each LGA, 450 mobile phones and Glo/Airtel Sim cards were distributed to beneficiaries in the participating LGAs. Also each beneficiary received the sum of N5, 000. 00 per month for a period of one year.

Water and Sanitation Sector:

In water and sanitation sector, the Oyo State MDGs has constructed 120 Motorized Boreholes powered with Solar Panel across the 33 Local Government Areas, 62 Motorized Boreholes at Health Centres, construction of 67 Hand Pump Boreholes in Schools and Construction of 66 Gender Separated 6-Unit VIP Toilet.

The programme will also increase access to portable water supply, empowerment of youths to reduce poverty and finally will improve the educational system in the state by helping to achieve universal basic education for all.




1 Hand Pump Boreholes Adegun Asake Gramm. Sch. Igangan, Ansar ud deen Sch. Igangan, Baptist Sch. 3, Igangan, St. Anne’s Catholic Sch. III, Igangan.
2 Hand Pump Boreholes Comm. Basic Sch. Imofin, Nomadic Basic Sch. Iyalase, Baptist High Sch. Ayete, African Basic Sch. Ayete, Ansarudeen Sch. Tapa, Community High Sch. Tapa.
3 Construction of 3 Units Motorised Boreholes PHCs at Alabi, Asunnara, Akoya,
4 Construction of 2 Units Motorised Boreholes PHCs at  Idiyan and Ayete



5 Drilling of 4 Nos
hand pump boreholes
CPC Tewure,CPS Onitinrin, CPC Ayetoro Laelae, CPS Igbori, CPS Onikoko
6 Drilling of 5 hand
pump boreholes
 CPS Idi-Ayin, CPS Aaje-Ajinapa, Esinele Comm. Junior High, CPS Ori-Oke
7 Solar Power Borehole PHC Oolo, EsekE & Oko-Ile
8 VIP Toilets (4 Pry Schl.) Yawota, Eleruwa and Eleesun-Adeosun Schools



9 Drilling of Hand Borehole Ebenezer Ang.Sch. Olorunda, St. Peters Sch. Ogunbode, Salvation Army Sch.Ogidi Olu, H.L.A. Sch. Apatere, IMS Sch. Lagun.
 10 Drilling of Hand Borehole IDC Pry Sch. Opeodu, IDC pry Sch. Ekerin.
11 Driilling of motorised borehole. Christ Church  Pry. Sch. Jagun, St. Peters Fawole, Christ Church Odo-Oba, ADS Anifa.
12 Drilling of Motorise borehole 8 Health Centres
13 Drilling of Motorise borehole 7 Health Centres

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