The Office of the Executive Governor was created at inception & creation of the state in June 1999, with a population and staff stregnth of about 800 individuals, the Office of the Governor is responsible for the effective coordination of all Government activities for good governance.

Our Vision

Ensuring effective coordination of Government activities in the state.

Our Mission

To coordinate activities of Oyo State Government and oversee other arms of government.

Our Objectives

  • To co-ordinate Government activities and oversee the various arms of Government;
  • To deal with matters coming to the attention of the Government and for which no other department of government has responsible thus acting as a link between the state and the federal government;
  • To give board policy guidelines to the statutory Corporation and State Owned Companies in the implementation of their respective organizational aims and objectives with a view them result-oriented and to monitor their activities by regulating the appointment,promotion and discipline of the senior staff;
  • To co-ordinate and maintain Government special schemes e.g. community improvement program-me scheme [CIP];
  • To provide general service like pooling of Government vehicles,organizing holy pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem.