The State’s Ministry Of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development Vision statements, Mission statements and Objectives.

Our Vision

To restore, transform and reposition Oyo State Agriculture as the foremost industry that positively drives the state economy, provide adequate food security and be a sustainable platform for wealth creation for the people.

Our Goal

Formulation of policies that can transform farming activities in the state from subsistent level to mechanized commercial level.

Our Objectives

To advise Government in the formulation of policies that can transform farming activities including agriculture and livestock in the state.
To provide enabling environment to turn agriculture to economically viable venture in the state.
To raise agricultural production from subsistence level to commercial level, through the application of modern technologies, taking cognizance of small holders with the participation of private sector.











Agricultural Loan Disbursement: Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme (CACS)

Disbursement of over N 1.0B to farmers as soft loans and grants

Poverty alleviation & Job Creation

33 Farmers’ Cooperative Association with 1650 members benefitted with N100M.

Increased food production by 30%



2012 / 2013

Procurement of Agricultural Inputs for farmers

Purchase and distribution of 12,297.25MT of fertilizer at (N110,000 / MT)

Distribution of 1,500,000 new Hybrid of Cocoa, 20,000 Tenera oil-palm and 20,000 Brazillian Cashew seedlings to farmers

Increase in food Production

Increased hectarage cultivated by 45,088 hectares in production of maize and cassava.

Increased cocoa production by 937.5ha and yield by 750MT, oil-palm by 133ha and yield by 45MT Palm oil, 266MT of palm Kernel.

Increased wood production by 141,000ha




Schools Agricultural Programme

To arouse the interest of the youth in farming

Replacement of ageing farmers

It has impacted 27,000 secondary schools’ students in 35 secondary schools with 38ha of arable farms, 5800 birds.





Tractor Procurement

Purchase of 338 Units of tractors and implements for mechanized farming. 6,282 hectares tractorized

To increase cultivated farm areas for increased food production.

To reduce drudgery and enhance ease of agricultural cultivation

Enhanced cultivation of 6,282ha.of arable land.

Land cultivation by farmers increased by 40%

On going




Training and empowerment of Bee keepers across the 33 LGAs of the state

Promotion of wholesome Honey Production

Empowerment increased by 1,765 partici-pans with 2,750 hives




Construction of Mega Silos of 10,000MT capacity in Oyo State Senatorial District

Storage facilities for perishable crops aimed at reduction of post-harvest loses arising from destruction due to poor storage

To enhance food preservation, storage and security


On going



Opening / Grading of farm roads and construction of culverts in farm settlements

To facilitate accessibility to farm holdings and easy evacuation of farm produce to the markets

To enhance food security

Rehabilitation of 51.8km and construction of 12 culverts at both Ijaiye& olowa Farm Settlements.  13,300 farmers benefitted




Triton Aqua Limited

Aquaculture Production

Empowerment and food security

Increased employment by 100 Youths /Adults, fish production by 650MT of Tilapia / annum




Shea Butter Production ( Cutivation & Processing)

Production of good quality shea and improvement of living standard of women processors.

Alleviation of poverty and employment creation for rural women

656 women pickers & proccessors touched. Production capacity increased from 0.3Mt to 2.5 Mt/day

On going



Oyo State Agricultural Iniatiatives (OYSAI)


To revolutionize Agricultural development in the state

To employ 1,000,000 youths, students and women through Agricultural Value-chain, enhanced food Security & poverty Alleviatioon





Government Sponsored:

Production of 200 hectares of maize, 466 hectares of cassava, 280 hectares of rice and 210 hectares of vegetables

Youth empowerment and food security

400MT of maize, 9,320MT of cassava and 560MT. Yield increased by 30% for maize & Cassava due to establishment of more agro allied industries in the state

On going




MoU signed with investors

Eight ( 8-Nos) MoU signed with Abertawe integrated Limited, Eagleson & Nitos Limited, Rocke Afri-link Limited, Beechfield Limited, Shea origin, Llyods Logistics and Arewa Cotton Limited

Empowerment and food security

Employment generation via investment in cattle ranch, Lage scle mechanized farming on a total of 16,020ha across the State for food Security and foreign exchange


On going



Globus Resource Limited

Aquaculture, Poultry, arable and agro forestry production

Empowerment and food security

Increased employment by 280 Youth / Adults, fish production by 5000MT of cat fish / annum,1500 Broilers / annun and reforested 300ha of Forest Reserve




On going



Oyo State Pace setter Farms, Aawe (Songhai Model)

Integrated Farms

Create employment and food security


New project



Agricultural Land Policy

Guidelines on sourcing and allocation of farmlands to both peasant and corporate farmers

To ensure that more people get easy access to farmland for job opportunities

Increased direct available farmland from 21,000 to 34,000 hectares




Federal Government Intervention Programmes







Fertilizer Intervention Programme


8,000MT allocation to Oyo State

To enhance food security


On going



Fertilizer Blending Plant for Oyo State

For Oke Ogun & Ibarapa ( 2 = Nos)

To enhance employment & revenue generation


New Project




Rice Cultivation Intervention: 110hectares yielded, 313.5MT from 19 groups across 9LGAs

To sustainably increase the income of users of rural land and water resources anchor on cassava and rice production along the value chain and link them to organized market


313.5MT of rice already harvested




Rural Finance Institution Building Programe (RUFIN).

Provision credit facilities to 333 Village Savings and Credit Groups through the five (5-Nos) Micro Finance Banks, two ( 2-Nos) Financial Cooperative and two (2-Nos) NGO micro Finance Institutions

Improvement of the standard of living of the rural dwellers

2,360 beneficiaries (771 males; 1589 females) across the 11 cooperatives in 3 LGAs touched. N120M loan facilities was granted through the Bank of Industry




Tractorization Programme:

YTO-CAMACO, Multipurpose Mini-Tractors, More Food Programme (MFP) (In conjuction with Brazil Government). KNIGHTS a.s. Czech Republic

Procurement of farm Mechanization equipment through FGN-Governor’s Forum-PR of China, Brazil Government and Czech Rebublic Government

For food security and ease of agricultural production


New Project



Strengthening of Extension Services

Provision of 145 motorcycles for extension Agents

To improve extension delivery services

Increase agricultural production and food security through effective and efficient agricultural extension services

On going




Cassava Cultivation:110 hectares yielded, 2,200MT from 9-Groups across 5LGAs


2,200MT of cassava was supplied into the food market

On going




Dry season Rice production: 50 hectares yielded, 150MT from 5-groups across 4 LGAs

Development of 253 Business Plans at N1.2M/plan totaling N300M ready for draw down.


150MT of dry season rice was supplied into the food market

On going



Rural Access & Mobility Project (RAMP)

Construction and rehabilitation of 8032.92km accessible road at the grassroots.

To enhance easy access of produce to the market, reduction of post-harvest losses, adding value to farmers’ produce

Touching of 28 agrarian LGAs and 5,023,060 beneficiaries in the state

On going



Anchor Borrowers’ Programe (ABP)

Provision of soft loan to 15,000 cassava and maize farmers through CBN

To enhance agricultural production and food security.

5,500ha of cassava plantation cultivated by 1,950 farmers yielding 111,000Mt

On going

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